"It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Mrs Shaw as an Osteopath.

As a general Practitioner and fellow Osteopath, and, more recently as a Musculoskeletal Physician, I have had the pleasure to work with Mrs Shaw over the past 15 years or so. On occasion, I have had the opportunity to observe her work.

She is an extremely competent Osteopath who does a thorough assessment of her patients, gives safe and effective treatments, and refers her patients on if she has any suspicion that there might be serious underlying pathology.

Mrs Shaw is well regarded in the community by the public, but also within the Health fraternity.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mrs Shaw for any position within the Osteopathic Profession. I would be happy to be available as a verbal referee if required."

Dr Grant Thompson
Musculoskeletal Physician


"Roseanne has been an osteopathic colleague of mine for 10 years and I have come to value her commitment to the osteopathic profession both in practice and politically.

Roseanne strives for excellence in her osteopathic practice which is evident by the amount of time and energy she spends pursuing continuing education. She completed a 3 year Grad Dip in Clinical Osteopathy in 1999 and was one of the top students enrolled in this programme. She also attends most other osteopathic seminars which are available and her theoretical and practical osteopathic knowledge is extensive.

Politically, Roseanne has shown her commitment to the profession by her membership of the executive of the International Society of Osteopathic Practice for many years before becoming the President of this organization for several years. During this time Roseanne worked toward osteopathic government registration and helped develop blueprints for a Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice for the profession.

I know Roseanne to be a very honest, conscientious and ethical person and have no hesitation in recommending her for any role within the osteopathic profession."

Lynn Grace
D.O. Grad.Dip. (ClinOst)


"This is to acknowledge that I have attended Roseanne Shaw on a number of occasions over the last twenty years. I have found her to be a very skilled osteopath and she has a very personable manner.

Her character is above reproach and I have recommended her to others on a number of occasions. Her honesty , integrity and professionalism is of a very high standard.

She has provided me quality treatment of my various bone and muscle issues."

Shirley MacLucas


"I've come here for years, I've seen Roseanne and Leyla, and others in the past, they always know what is wrong with my body at the time and fix it. I had continual neck problems then Roseanne suggested a certain pillow which I purchased from them and it has worked magic. The receptionist lady (can't remember her name) is always helpful and proactive if fully booked, she calls if an appointment becomes available. I highly recommend NorthCity Osteopaths Whangarei"

Paula Kapa


"I have recently been taking my 8 year old daughter to Roseanne for cranial massage. Roseanne's soft, quiet and relaxing approach really helped my daughter to feel at ease and relax during the sessions. I was amazed by just how many different things can be treated by cranial and really recommend parents who have issues with children going to sleep at night and with high anxiety levels give cranial massage a try it is really working for us."

Sara Reid


"Roseanne and Zoe and the team at NorthCity are just fantastic! Truly a Health Professional you can trust to actually find a long term solution. I would recommend her always!"

Cindy Arnesen


"The best osteopath in town. Team is very professional and very good with communication. They go out of way to make appointments available when you are in need."

Rima Behere



  • Neck and Back Pain

  • Headaches

  • Joint Pain and Arthritis

  • Sports Injuries

  • Pregnancy-related Pain

  • Asthma / Breathing Problems

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Cranial Osteopathy for all ages, including babies

  • Visceral Problems